Why a larger person is not restricted if wanting to use a stairlift


You are a jolly chap who for a long time has known that your weight may cause issues in later years and so it has come to pass. As a rugby player you remained fit, but since retirement from the game you have continued to be a loyal club member without the exercise. The results were inevitable.

Now things are getting worse as the old injuries to your knees are causing considerable pain and getting about is an issue, especially at home when you need to get upstairs to use the bathroom and to go to bed. It was so bad one night that you ended up on the sofa. Then a fellow member tells you about available heavy duty Stairlifts in Warwick.

The good news is that a heavy duty stairlift is ideal for clients up to 25 stone and a swivel seat is also available meaning that it comes equipped with an automatic rotating chair made for safe pain free access.

And if in the intervening time you receive news that you are on the waiting list for an operation to your damaged knees, then you can rent the starlight while still receiving all the same customer care as for a purchased model. This includes a warranty in case of irregular breakdowns.

The lack of stress and pain climbing the stairs disappears with a stairlift means that your jolly smile is for real in the home and not just putting on a brave face. In short, it is a game changer.

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